My Mortality

Different people deal with their Mortality (capitalized for respect) in different ways.
I’m currently thinking about it more and more. The main topic I consider is the choice of music for my funeral ceremony. I’ve heard tales of bikers having Free Bird played at the end of their services. Skynyrd seems a bit over the top. Flying like a free bird is a good idea, but somebody might think that KQ was turned on accidentally and that would neutralize the desired effect.
I was stuck on Roger Whittaker’s The Last Farewell for a while, probably more for the song title than the content. (I love Roger Whittaker.. I mean I REALLY LOVE ROGER WHITTAKER) Once I considered the lyrics it became clear to me that it really wasn’t me. I didn’t spend a lot of time on a French navy sailing ship going into hopeless battles.
Then it came to me, a song that truly sums up my philosophy of life. It could be my biography. I’m at peace now that I’ve found the perfect piece of music to play at my funeral. The music of my life

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2 Comments on “My Mortality”

  1. Geef Says:

    To quote Charlie Brown, “THAT’S IT!”

  2. Phil B Says:

    Can I be a pallbearer?

    I am proud to say we had both the Roger Whitaker 45 and the Isaac Hayes 45 in our home growing up – no kidding!


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