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Well, it looks like a chapter in our lives here at the epicenter of St Paul culture is coming to a close. Our second, beloved (don’t forget dumb, funny, charming and filthy) Guinea Pig, Huey is very sick and probably won’t see September. Huey has been ill since the day we picked him up from the shelter two years ago. We could spend 150 bucks a week taking him to any number of vets and I’m sure we’d have the same result: He’d still be a sickly rodent with breathing issues that is lovable, friendly and not always completely in control of his bodily functions. We’ve tried a lot of different paths of treatment and it never seems to do any good.  
Bus Stop of Death In the last month or so he’s lost about half of his body weght in spite of the fact he eats all day. Literally. He’s also starting to lose his balance now and again and is generally looking rough. The irony of the situation is that this is the first time since we’ve had him that his lungs are completely clear. So he has that going for him. In any event the vet (we found a good one for Guinea Pigs if you ever need one) said that he couldn’t figure out exactly what was wrong, but whatever it is, it’s probably going to catch up with Mr Huey soon… 
In the mean time he did a quick blood test for diabetes and Huey’s sugar was low so he perscribed a steroid to help him out a bit on bringing that up and maybe giving him a burst of energy in his time left. This isn’t newsworthy, but I did get to pick up the perscription at Target and even got a consultation with the Pharmacist. It was fun asking to pick up a prescription for Huey Hope.
They are “just” Guinea Pigs, but they are OUR GUINEA PIGS dammit and it’s hard to watch one of them die. We’ve been talking with the tall and short offspring about the inevitable and they’ve been pretty good so far, but I’m not looking forward to the final scene.
Last night my bride was helping our youngest get to sleep and our progeny was talking about Huey’s state. I had been spouting some hackneyed poetic analogies about Huey reaching the end of life’s path to help illustrate the whole thing. (It’s hilarious how much I don’t know as a parent and how much of my time is spent making crap up. I always thought my folks knew what they were talking about! Maybe they did, but I sure don’t. This is my first experience as a con artist). Anyway, as the youngest one (7 going on 27) was talking about the state of Huey she had a great quote.
“Huey was on the path of life, now he’s at the Bus Stop of Death.”
Amen. As this is unfolding I’m filling up the little guy with his favorite oranges even though it’s making him the only living mammal to resemble a koosh ball (his grooming skills have slipped a bit). His roommate Piggy, one of the grumpiest pets of all time, is hip to the fact that something’s going on. He’s in very close proximity to Huey most of the time and even goes into his shelter with him when he’s sleeping. It’s quite a sweet thing to watch.
Probably more than you wanted to know about our Guinea Pigs, but it’s a big deal here.

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  1. cmack Says:

    Now, that is cool bus stop. Very creepy.


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