USB Memories

This site has been so dead that even the spammers didn’t find it interesting. So be it.

For years I’ve been saying that it would be a great thing to put an analog cassette player into a pc and use it as a dubbing device. Great idea right? Ok not everyone was as enthusiastic as I was. I had this stash of great treasures from my listening past that would be SO AMAZING to digitize and keep with my mp3s… I’d listen to the files I generated and an amazing document of my rich past would exist that I could listen to again and again.

Or so I thought.

I took out my first tape. A cassette of a Waterboys show from First Avenue in October of 1988. It was a tremendous night and an amazing show on a very emotional day. A few hours earlier we laid one of our good friends to rest after a sudden, unnecessary death. There was no shortage of heavy emotions that day. My recollections were vivid and in super HD and uber ultra stereo.

So… with great anticipation I put an audio cassette tape into my new USB gizmo and started it up. What came out was a hissy, lofi representation of an amazing day. It was disappointing. I’ve been rendering and processing this day for over 20 years. My internal CGI has filtered and edited the events, eliminating the uneventful and mundane. Sadly, all that was gone and I was left with a crappy recording buried in bushels of tape hiss.

There are some things that a cool gadget won’t improve. Your memory doesn’t need dolby. Mine could use a backup though. There’s been some serious data loss through the years.

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