Status: Not Doing Very Well

piggyOur oldest and most beloved Guinea Pig began a download slide during the past couple weeks. What we thought was a tumor under his chin was actually an insanely large build up of fluid. After a quick exam, the tech just typed one line on the screen. In the status field she typed “Not Doing Very Well.” After much research it was decided that Piggy was suffering from congestive heart failure and there was no way out.
Our rodent put up a good fight, but late this afternoon, Piggy left this trail of tears, much to the distress of his humans. My eldest took it hardest, calling the day we liberated Piggy “His Best Day Ever.”
A couple things:
You need to understand that Guinea Pigs aren’t like dogs or cats. Dogs can recite the Declaration of Independence and it’s interesting, but it’s not that remarkable. If a Guinea Pig moves his head, everybody feels like they’ve seen some sort of apparition. Expectations are lowered and the Guinea Pigs deliver in spades.
Don’t snicker. He was our pet and we loved him. We know he’s not a German Shepherd or some exotic Egyptian cat. He was much cooler. Got it?
One of his most memorable traits was his complete lack of interest in moving. He could sit in one place for hours on end. The vet suggested this could have been part of his undoing. If you have a pig, make him run around, for God’s sake. Piggy was great at sitting outside on the lawn and taking it all in. He always seemed very wise even though sometimes while drinking at the water bottle he’d lose track of what he was doing and we’d have to gently tap him to remind him he was standing with a water tube in his mouth

Piggy was our first huggable pet and we’re really missing him.

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  1. cmack Says:

    Very well put. Sam and Piggy were quite the pair.


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