The Gaslight Anthem are quite good.

Don’t tell me the music is derivative. Don’t even mention Springsteen, OK? Just don’t do it. You know why? Because The Gaslight Anthem Rock!. Do you know why Letterman said “My God That Was Good!” when they finished their performance on his show? Because The Gaslight Anthem ROCK!!!!
Do you know why I don’t think the lyrics are hokey and don’t care about that hat the singer wears all the time? Because The Gaslight Anthem ROCK! I know, it’s subtle, let me try one more time to get this across to you. It doesn’t even bother me that they have a song called High Lonesome AND a song called Great Expectations. THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM ROCKS!!!!!
Did you hear the ’59 Sound coming through on Grandmama’s radio? 
Did you hear the rattling chains in the hospital walls? 
Did you hear the old gospel choir when they came to carry you over? 
Did you hear your favorite song one last time? 
Hey, they ROCK and they deal with mortality. That’s deep. 
What about this from High Lonesome? 
“As I drove home 
And at night I wake up with the sheets soaking wet 
It’s a pretty good song 
Maybe you know the rest 
Maybe you know the rest” 
They’re even aware of their influences and where said influences are in regards to their sleeves. They’re the greatest. The pitcher of Kool Aid is waiting. Have a drink.
Onto the videos…

One more time

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2 Comments on “The Gaslight Anthem are quite good.”

  1. cmack Says:

    Loved it. Adding to my iPod right now.

  2. admin Says:

    I do it all for you Charlie. Literally.


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