Back from the dead

I must say that I am embarrassed and sad that I may have disappointed any of my 4 readers out there. I have not lived up to my initial goal as a blogger, which was to make a post at least once for every time WordPress was upgraded. For this I apologize.
In keeping with the theme of pledges and oaths, I’d like to share this fabulous post regarding the oath of office for the Secretary of State of Virginia. After reading it I can’t imagine that anyone would be surprised that it hasn’t been updated since 1891. Enjoy.

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One Comment on “Back from the dead”

  1. Says:

    At one point, I think it was in early November, perhaps around Election Day, I told myself that I shouldn’t be checking The Hopes 3 times a day to catch the latest update. I should cut back my schedule to once a day, or once a week, or once a month.

    But I perservered. Let that be a lesson to all.

    And one day, my weekly trip to the record store to buy Neil Young’s archives will pay off as well.


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