So Many Things…

the end of the final countdown.

I fear I’ve found that without dying pets, I don’t have the inspiration needed to move forward and actually post something. Our pets are still healthy so I’ll tempt fate and go on without the aid of ailing rodents.
It looks like our outdoor holiday festooning is going to finally shut down… Our neighbor euthanized his polar bear, seal and gnome tonight so tomorrow I’ll have to cyrogenically shut down our inflatable snowman. I may keep the lighted polar bear in the tree (henceforth known as the lookout bear) since it’s been known to make people stop in the middle of the street in front of our house. As long as they don’t get out and try to get some sort of donation from us in the process I love that.
Pandora’s “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” radio was a letdown. There was even an REO Speedwagon (rhymes with Oreo Speedwagon…) song. I was definitely looking for more “Bohemian Rhapsody” and less “Keep On Loving You.” If you haven’t heard before it’s a service that takes an artist or song and creates a whole playlist similar to said artist or song. I will say that my own well honed “Guy Clark Radio” is perfect. I’ve been taking songs out of that for a couple years now and it’s all spun gold. If you want to hear it let me know. There was one golden moment this summer where there were two consecutive, different songs about girls from Dallas named Alice. Beat that. Better playlists through technology.
In a related note I’m missing TD Mischke’s show since he was thrown off the air for asking inappropriate questions to an internal secretary on the air. What’s the deal with that? He was respectful. He wasn’t being all Howard Sternish. Details are here. Anyway, the related note part of this is that one of the greatest Mischke escapades was his interview with an author of a book discussing the actual wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Click here for some real entertainment.
Not much more to report here. Rosalyn has shown us to be the only “Guitar Hero: World Tour” expert drummer. Did I tell you that I got her a real drum stool for the kit? I’m very romantic.
Also I acquired a ukulele for Christmas and have enjoyed putting it into it’s cardbard box and taking it back out very often. I try to play it and don’t enjoy that so much since I’m a very slow learner, but it will come, right? It has to get better. I’ve played Somewhere Over the Rainbow so much that I’m starting to channel Judy Garland, or is it Rufus Wainright??? No clear answer.
My eldest’s hard working basketball team eeked out it’s first victory in forever today. Very impressive with my eldest clocking in with a basket. It was quite exciting. It was sort of like watching the Miracle on Ice with fewer spectators, no ice and a lot less at stake….

Well. Everyone is in bed and I have about 20 beers in the refrigerator so I guess the rest of my night is planned out.

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2 Comments on “So Many Things…”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I have just one word for you…Israel Kamakawawiwo Ole. OK. Maybe that’s more than one word, but just be careful if you and your ukulele start to channel Big Iz!!

  2. cmack Says:

    I really do have to listen to Guy Clark radio. I know that you sent me this before but could you send it again?

    I listened to the Mischke interview with the Edmund Fitzgerald expert. That is funny.

    Sam scored and his team won. It’s all coming together.


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