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I love it when this happens……….

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

I have to be at work at 7:00 tomorrow morning and I can’t stop thinking about the new Okkervil River release. Are they cool or am I listening to this year’s version of Missing Persons? I guess I really don’t care, but I do miss knowing. For the record there was a time I knew. There is little better than having a really big crush on a new song.

Anyway, Pop Lie is one of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard (for the rest of tonight at least). I could listen to it a couple million more times. I’d encourage you to do the same.
May I direct you to one of the most well written pieces I’ve ever seen about the feeling of having that song that connects with you. If you’ve never seen Pete and Pete you need to get with the program. It was one of the greatest shows ever (other than Eerie Indiana of course). I must be frank with you and admit that this episode makes me cry every time. I don’t guarantee the tears but this is an amazing show. This episode has cameos by Syd Straw as the teacher and Marshall Crenshaw as the meter reader. Indulge me and watch it. I think it’s time for me and the kids to get out the Pete and Pete DVDs and get busy.

Get to bed. You need to go to work tomorrow.

I have the worst alarm clock in the world

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

Otherwise titled: Don’t tell me that television today is bad…
A couple Friday nights ago I was dog tired and reclined on the couch to “watch tv.” Of course within 30 seconds I was out. I woke up at 3:30 AM ready to face the world and realized that everyone sensible had went to sleep. Then it happened: Happy Days Episodes 237 and 238. Ritchie and his wife and son come home to Milwaukee and live with Mom and Dad. These two episodes held me spellbound nearly til sunrise. Who could forget Ritchie’s bar room brawl with Fonzie after downing a half dozen Budweisers. What about when Ritchie became exasperated with his mom and told her that he could “fight for his country but couldn’t get a soda with his dinner?” Heady stuff folks. We won’t even touch on Ritchie and his mom nearly going one on one on the basketball court with Ritchie’s mustache on the line. I watched the whole thing. I used to love Happy Days in my youth. This was a complete train wreck.
Again this week I lost consciousness on the couch and was startled from my sleep by that jukebox blaring “Goodbye Grey Skies, Hello Blue…” With my previous experience with the Happy Days franchise fresh in my mind, I realized that being woke up by that song on consecutive weeks means I need to make some changes. Happy Days shouldn’t be anyone’s alarm clock.. I jump the shark enough in my own life without being exposed to this stuff coming out of my REM sleep.
In closing I’ll say that tonight we all watched a Hannah Montana episode and I laughed many more times there than I’d laughed in my experience with Ritchie Cunningham and his friends weeks earlier. There are two messages here: You can’t go home again, and Billy Ray Cyrus is a funnier guy than most people give him credit for.

I Miss Kerri Miller

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Man, I never thought I’d say that. I remember when Katherine Lampher left, I was crestfallen, heartbroken and worried about the future. In waltzed Ms Miller with her pregnant pauses and hard nosed questioning and I remember being completely underwhelmed. My spouse mentioned a reviewKerri Miller Avoiding Sunday Morning Itis that spoke of her Thurston Howell III voice. I used to sit on the sidelines, criticizing and mocking this fine radio professional. How foolish.
If you’re 84 years old like me, you remember a time when TV stations had to provide local programming to keep their licenses. They’d throw it in a low impact part of the schedule where they couldn’t sell any ads anyway. Again children, this was before infomercials. Don’t get me started on how we used to drive an hour on New Years day to see the Rose Bowl parade on a color TV either…. This is back when cable was a novelty and everybody watched the local news at 6 and 10 (they also wallked to school in blizzards uphill both ways too, but that’s another exaggeration). Your local stations had to have leaders of local charities, people running bake sales and folks doing volunteer work for the poor on TV to show the station’s participation in the community. No matter how good or bad the host was, that show would look and smell like Sunday morning (sometimes Sunday night too). That time slot could strangle the life out of any subject. Once the subject was sunday-morning-ified it would be neutered and completely uncompelling.
Which leads me to my point. Today Kerri Miller was not on and while her completely competent vacation replacement started talking to her guest, it happened… It felt like Sunday morning and I could hear any interesting information about the topic at hand go straight down the drain. It made me want to clean my room, go shopping for school clothes or do some homework. Anything to get away from that Sunday Morning News Show feeling. Kerri Miller doesn’t do that. Somehow she keeps things interesting without “sunday-morning-ifying” it and that’s why I love her.
I am now a media critic.